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Bottleless Water Cooler/Hot Water Dispenser Installation is straightforward!

If you have an automatic ice maker and/or automatic coffee maker in your office, you are already familiar with how we will install your FREE Water Cooler.



1. Where do you want your botteless water

    cooler/hot water dispenser?


    Is there electrical outlet?


    Where is the nearest cold water source with a

    drain to connect the system up to?






2. We then install a "T" fitting or adaptor that allows us the sink and the bottleless water cooler/hot water dispenser system to have     separate shut off valves.















3. The next step in the process is attaching our food grade 1/4 inch water line to the bottle-free water cooler. Now it is easy to run the line to the   

    location(s) of your new bottleless water cooler/hot water dispenser.














4. To finish, we check out connections, plug in the jug free cooler, Make sure everything is clean, fresh tasting and ready to      

    drink, enjoy and improve your health. 


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